Everyday Arias is a project that hopes to combine the art of opera with short films.  We welcome short film submissions lasting no more than 15 minutes  focusing on an aria or particular aspect of an opera from any period from a variety of genres. 


Since our start  March 2016 we have had some extremely exciting screening opportunities  including

-Hinckley Fringe Opera Festival ( 2nd July 2016) 


The Republic Gallery ( 9th of July 7:00 -9:00 pm ) 

Indywood Film Carnival (  24th-27th of September) http://www.indywood.co.in/indywood-advisorypanel

Please send your  submissions to Francesca at everydayarias@gmail.com - we accept submissions via wetransfer too and make sure you credit your work before it goes live on the website.

Happy submitting and look forward to seeing some fantastic and interesting films!